Surviving finals week

By Jack Jensen

Lumen Reporter

College students face a lot of stress throughout the semester, but noth­ing provides as much trouble for them as the five days that take up the end of the semester.

Finals week is coming up at Vit­erbo in the week of Dec. 12-16. Many students have trouble going into fi­nals week and having to deal with stress and the intense excitement for the upcoming break. It can be hard dealing with the week with all of the exams, papers and projects. Many things can help change that, though.

“Keep your eyes on your goals for the end of the semester and seek out help to make the end of your semes­ter successful,” Jane Eddy, director of the Academic Resource Center said. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers many services to help students throughout the semester, such as tutoring, study groups and a quiet place to study.

“One of our goals for struggling students is identifying what works for them and following through with that,” Eddy said.

The ARC, however, does not offer anything specifically for finals week other than a few workshops towards the end of the semester.

Though the ARC offers these ser­vices, the students themselves can actually solve a lot of their problems related to finals week, Eddy said.

“It all boils down to time man­agement,” Tina Johns, director of student academic success at Viterbo said. Johns helps students under­stand their priorities for being in col­lege and having a life as a student.

“My advice is start now and don’t procrastinate,” Johns said. “It’s ad­vice but it’s very effective. The key to not being stressed during finals week is time management.

“Don’t cram, break studying down into small chunks and then take a walk around the block or get some food before returning to your work,” Johns said. “Studying in your own home can be very dis­tracting with the possibility of hav­ing Facebook and the computer.”

Studying in a quieter and less distracting space is recommended highly by Johns.

Another problem that students face is finding the time they need to get a convenient sleep schedule and healthy diet.

“Good advice for finals week, and any week really, is getting good rest and to eat right,” Johns said. “Rest makes you more alert and you obvi­ously need to eat.”

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