Stocking VU shelves

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

Viterbo’s food pantry has been running low for the past few weeks, but new food arrived not too long ago.

The food pantry was established by the late Sr. Arita Dopkins who founded the religious studies de­partment and served as the chair of that department.

According to Emily Dykman, as­sistant professor of religious studies and philosophy and co-director of the Honor Program, “the food pan­try has been around longer than the mid-90s.”

Many of the food drives that different campus organizations or sports offer donate their food to the food pantry, but this is not the only source of food. Other sources include the Franciscan Sisters and “Jeans Day Money.” That is the money Viterbo employees pay to wear jeans on certain days; once a month, money is collected to go to­wards funding the food pantry.

The food pantry is available for anyone who needs it; no questions asked, and it contains both food and toiletries. It is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Center and is always open.

The Honors Program has assumed the upkeep of the pantry, and all the perishable goods donated during the Honors Program’s chili cook-off were donated to the food pantry keeping it well-stocked for awhile longer.

Donations to the food pantry can be made at any time. To make contributions, students should con­tact Emily Dykman or Susan Cosby Ronnenberg.

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