English professor wins contest, publishes book

By Sarah Callaway

Lumen Reporter

Whether your major be nursing, psychology, or English – the profes­sors around you impact you every day. Visiting Assistant Professor of English Rebecca Lehmann does so not only through the creative writ­ing courses she teaches at Viterbo but also through example, as a book of her poems has just been pub­lished.

From Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Lehm­ann completed her Ph.D. in English at Florida State University in Talla­hassee, Fla.

“I grew up in Wisconsin [and] I was interested in moving back to the area,” Lehmann said regarding her choice to apply to teach at Viterbo University.

“My fiancé came with me [for the interview] because our wed­ding was the same week. My in­terview was on Monday and my wedding was on Saturday. We were very impressed by the landscape and the shops downtown. It was a great week,” Lehmann said about the events back in May. Lehmann was able to negotiate with Viterbo in time to tell the good news to her wedding guests that Saturday.

“When I was in college I knew that I wanted to be a writer and since it’s really difficult to make a living off being a writer, especially as a poet, I began to think about teaching at the college level,” Lehmann said.

Having been a teacher’s assistant during the time it took her to com­plete her MFA, Masters of Fine Arts, Lehmann realized just how enjoy­able teaching was and decided to make it her career.

“I think my favorite part is work­ing with students, in the classroom and individually,” Lehmann said. “The best part of being a profes­sor is seeing a student have a break through in the classroom,” she said about her new position at Viterbo.

“I think the hardest thing right now is the time management; I’m still working on getting a workable schedule that gives me a little bit of time to breathe,” Lehmann said.

“I am extremely excited,” Lehm­ann said. “I was working on it [the new book] for many years and so I can’t wait to see it in print.”

Lehmann’s book of poetry, titled: “Between the Crackups,” has been published by Salt Publishing as the winner of a first book competition.

“I’ve been sending the book out for about two years to different pub­lishers,” Lehmann said.

“I’m on a one year position here and so a lot of that will depend on what happens job wise next year,” Lehmann said about her near fu­ture. “Regardless of where I am, I see myself working in a university and hopefully promoting a second book.”


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