What in the world happened?

By Missy Katner

Lumen Assistant Editor

Human population to reach seven billion

By Oct. 31, experts predict that there would be seven billion people in the world. This raises concern about overpopulation. In developed coun­tries in Europe and Japan, birth rates are below replacement levels. How­ever, in developing countries such as India, birth rates remain very high. While some expect the popu­lation to begin a steady decline, oth­ers believe the population will reach 10 billion in the next century.

Moammar Gadhafi dies

After being on the run for months, opposition fighters finally pushed long-time Libyan leader Gadhafi and his supporters out of the capital city. On Oct. 20, the op­position found him in a large drain­age pipe. The convoy was caught in a crossfire and Gadhafi was shot in the head. He died moments after arriving at the hospital. Soon after the news broke, crowds of Libyans erupted in celebration.

Stampede in Ohio

On Oct. 18, Terry Thompson freed 56 exotic animals he owned on his farm in Ohio. He committed suicide shortly after. For the next day, area authorities hunted down lions, ti­gers, leopards, grizzlies, monkeys, and other escaped animals. Com­muters reported seeing lions and wolves running alongside the road. Although most were put down, six animals were captured alive. Thompson was convicted of animal cruelty in 2005.

Europe finally has a deal

Leaders of the European Union agreed to expand the European bail­out fund on Oct. 27. This also means that Greek bonds will take major losses. For months, there have been talks aimed at solving Europe’s debt and banking crisis. Although it is considered a major step, finan­cial strategists believe that the plan does not go far enough to solve the problems that are hindering finan­cial growth.

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