ILL librarian ‘checking out’

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

Susan Spiker, interlibrary loan li­brarian and information services manager at Viterbo’s Todd Wehr Memorial Library at Viterbo retired on Oct. 31 after 15 years of ser­vice. Spiker started at Viterbo as a part-time evening supervisor and worked her way up.

She earned her undergraduate de­gree in organizational management from Viterbo in 2003 and her gradu­ate degree from the UW-Milwaukee in library science in 2007.

Spiker started out as a student and part-time librarian at the UW-La Crosse. Before this, she worked at Holmen Elementary School for 13 years. When a full-time opportunity opened up at Viterbo in 1996, she seized the opportunity and has been at Viterbo ever since.

“I am going to miss everyone that I have met at Viterbo, and I am go­ing to take life one day at a time and appreciate it,” Spiker said.

Spiker does not know where the future will take her, but she is “go­ing to take every opportunity and embrace them.”

She possibly wants to move to Milwaukee where her son and grandchildren are.

“It is all about the grandchildren now,” Spiker said.

Other plans include traveling to Maine where Spiker has her roots and traveling to Florida to visit her brother.

Spiker’s successor will be Eliza­beth Bass who currently works at the Todd Wehr Memorial Library as an Information Services Assistant.

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