After 18 years, Safe Trick-or-Treat still a hit

By Missy Katner

Assistant Editor

On Oct. 23, the Viterbo campus was overrun by monsters, wizards, and Minnie Mouse. And their par­ents, too. They were participants in the 18th annual Safe-Trick-or-Treat which is sponsored and organized by the Education Club.

The event provides a safe and secure environment where kids from the community can participate in Halloween activities including cookie decorating, a haunted house, fortune telling, and ring toss. Candy and prizes are given out for all the activities.

New games were added this year. For the “Mystery Boxes” game, kids reached their hand in a box and tried to guess the “organ” inside. These organs were actually various food items such as dried apricots for ears and a wet tortilla for skin. “Trash monsters” was also a new game this year. From a distance, kids were in­structed to throw plastic, paper, and aluminum recyclables into the cor­rect receptacle for a prize.

A highlight of the event is trick-or-treating through the campus resi­dence halls. Guided on tours by vol­unteer students, children were led through the dorms and apartments. Any students who live on campus and wished to take part, handed out candy as the costumed children walked through their halls.

Safe Trick-or-Treat is a well-known event in La Crosse and a connection to families living in the area. An es­timated “One hundred and twenty children attended Safe Trick-or Treat this year,” Education Club president Erin Porter told Lumen.

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