Best wishes for a new year


Welcome back students and a very special welcome to the newest mem­bers of the V-Hawk family! Freshmen, prepare for the greatest years of your lives. I promise that your college experience won’t be anything short of amazing.

At this time of the year, opportunities are plentiful. I encourage you to get involved in a campus organization of your choice or find a place to complete volunteer hours. Your college experience is what you decide to make of it. Nearly all students say that their college experience is enhanced because of the extracurricular activities that they are involved with.

Viterbo will once again be helping with the 3rd Street Aid Stationat Ok­toberfest. The station is set up downtown to provide cell phone charging, basic medical care, food, and other resources. If you would like to volun­teer your time on Sept. 23 or 24, please email me at jkohnh01721@viterbo. edu.

The Welcome Back Bash was an incredible success this year. Thank you to Kari Reyburn, Dodie Marriott and Kasie Von Haden for all their hard work to organize the event. I’d also like to thank all the local businesses that par­ticipated and offered their time and products. Most of all, I’d like to thank you all for attending. We are already looking forward to next year’s bash!

The Student Government Asso­ciation’s purpose is to support and listen to the student body. There are several ways that we can be con­tacted. Visit us during our outreach hours which are held in the student union throughout the day each week, email us at, write us on the MYVU page, or send us a mes­sage on Facebook.

If the SGA or I can be of any as­sistance to you throughout the year, please do not hesitate to let us know. Best of luck with the semester, and go V-Hawks!

Josh Kohnhorst

SGA President

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