What? No alcohol? Good.

By Kasie Von Haden

Lumen Editor

If you haven’t checked out the comments relating to the alcohol-free Family Zone of Oktoberfest, I suggest you do. Personally, I’m a little disturbed by some people’s opinions. Actually, it’s more than a little. I’m outraged.

Most of the comments shun the idea of an alcohol-free zone during the Maple Leaf Parade to the point of harassment.

Username “moss_is_boss” stated, “I can’t wait to see this ‘alcohol free zone’ ridiculed by the majority.”


Username “OG813” wrote, “Ok­toberfest with a NO BEER ZONE!!!! Are you kidding me??!?!??! This is messed up…. more restrictions and regulations every day.”

Are you kidding ME?

No one is forcing anybody to watch the parade from this alcohol-free zone; rather, people decide this for themselves. If people want to start drinking at 9 a.m., this alcohol-free zone won’t stop them. They just can’t drink in that area.

Oktoberfest is not just a festival for people who drink; this festival is for everyone to celebrate German heritage. I know I, myself, would like to enjoy simply watching the parade, rather than having to deal with people who drink to the point of being obnoxious. Of course, not everybody outside the Family Zone will be obnoxiously intoxicated. But, there will definitely be more than I prefer.

If this many people are getting upset about a no-alcohol zone at a parade, I think that’s more of a con­cern. If people can’t imagine, or are furious about, an area without alco­hol, then maybe they should seek out help.

People are also concerned that the area will already be marked and saved for those with wristbands. Many think it is unfair that the Fam­ily Zone will have prime seating that they don’t have to scope out for themselves. Keep in mind, the alco­hol-free zone is only 500 feet, on one side of the street of a parade route that is roughly two miles long.

In a city that is constantly battling with underage and binge drinking concerns, what’s wrong with hav­ing a Family Zone during one of the parades during the festival? In my opinion, absolutely nothing.

Is it really that absurd to imag­ine celebrating Oktoberfest without drinking? I don’t think so.

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