What in World Happened?

By Missy Katner

Lumen Assistant Editor

Iran releases American hikers for $1 million

Hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were arrested by the Iranian gov­ernment in 2009 for entering the country illegally and later charged with espionage. They spent two years imprisoned in Iran and were finally released for a $1 million bail.

Troy Davis execution

Inmate Troy Davis was convicted of the murder of a police officer in 1989. Found guilty, Davis was sen­tenced to death by lethal injection on Sept. 21. A last minute call from the Supreme Court delayed the ex­ecution. But the execution went through only hours later. Several of the witnesses retracted their state­ments following the trial, enough to call the evidence into question. However, the members of Davis’ family believed him to be guilty.

Spain claims sunken treasure

A federal appeals court ordered U.S. marine explorers to hand over $500 million in silver coins and other treasure to the Spanish govern­ment. The treasure was discovered in a sunken Spanish galleon in 2007. In 1804, the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes was sunk by the British in the Atlantic Ocean.

20th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”

Grunge lovers everywhere celebrat­ed this momentous day in musical history. The group’s second album “Nevermind” peaked at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard chart in 1992. Their single “Smells Like Teen Spir­it” is considered by some to be the best song of the 1990s.

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