What happened to the lights?

By Kasie Von Haden

Lumen Editor

While the sun shone brightly on Wednesday, Sept. 21, some of the Viterbo campus remained in the dark.

Murphy Center, Varsity Athletic Center and parts of Rose Terrace, Marian Hall and Bonaventure Hall took a hit as electricity went out some time around 8 a.m. and was out for about five hours.

Around other parts of campus, the electricity may have been fine, but the internet server was down, which meant the phones weren’t ringing, either.

According to Director of Physical Plant Gene McCurdy, “A break in one of Xcel Energy’s electrical line” was the cause of the power outage around campus. The line is located by Franciscan Way near the Student Development Center.

“The reason it took a while to get the electricity fixed is because the line was buried and we had to find it,” McCurdy said. “The line was old, and it happens more often than people think.”

McCurdy also mentioned that this line “could have been struck by lightning” recently. “Something similar happened back in 2007,” he said.

Xcel Energy worked on the line and managed to get the electricity back on around 1:30 p.m.

Michelle Coble, a junior elemen­tary education major from Santa Fe, Texas, thought the power outage had more of an impact than just on the computers and telephone lines.

“I thought it was very eye-opening to how dependant we are on tech­nology today,” Coble said. “Without access to internet and email, a good number of people had no idea how to function.”

“It was out of our control, so we did what we could,” McCurdy said. “Everyone was really good about it.”

After the power outage, physi­cal plant staff had to make sure ap­pliances, like heating and cooling units, came back on properly. The IIT Department had to bring the in­ternet and phones back up as well.

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