The scoop on dining changes

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

“Campus dining at Viterbo has undergone some changes to create a healthier more sustainable envi­ronment,” Mary Simota, director of Campus Dining, said.

The cafeteria has brand new menus and is on a four-week rota­tion opposed to a three-week rota­tion that “provides students with a wider variety of selections to choose from,” said Simota. The cafeteria also has provided nutrition infor­mation cards for all foods offered; this was started last year but is be­ing more thoroughly implemented this year.

Crossroads has undergone many changes as well. This year, Cross­roads is using dining room plates in place of disposables for students who are dining in. The to-go con­tainers are now made out of sugar cane instead of Styrofoam. “Cam­pus dining has gone completely Sty­rofoam free,” Simota said.

Crossroads is open until 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday instead of 8 p.m. and has a comment card program. Crossroads helps sponsor the City Kid Java coffee program which is out of Minnesota and helps disad­vantaged youth. “In the future, it could offer service opportunities for students,” Simota said.

Franny’s now has a refillable trav­el mug program that offers custom­ers 50 cents off of every coffee drink purchased there. It also has new, completely recyclable soup lids and bowls.

More information about these changes and menu changes can be found on the Viterbo Campus Din­ing Facebook page.

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