Campus security upgraded

By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

Security at Viterbo has been up­graded to include over 20 video cameras. The first of the new cam­eras were installed during the sum­mer, and the last video camera was installed just prior to classes getting started.

According to Dave Pleasants, director of Campus Security, “The cameras are a deterrent; it is like having an extra security guard on campus.” The video cameras cover all major public areas on the interior and exterior of campus. They can easily be seen as a bright white ball on the outside of many of Viterbo’s buildings.

The cameras are not monitored 24/7. “They are monitored if there is a certain situation that we want to avoid happening,” Pleasants said. The cameras are on a secured cam­pus network, and only very few people have access to the cameras.

Video cameras are pretty stan­dard on all college campuses, and “installing more cameras has been a discussion for awhile at Viterbo,” Pleasants said.

“Video cameras are nothing new to Viterbo because there have been updates and additions to video sur­veillance throughout the past few years, but this year has been a major upgrade,” Pleasants said.

“The cameras have been successful relating to thefts,” Pleasants said. This was shown last year when a video camera was installed in front of the cafeteria where book bags were being stolen. After the camera was installed, the thefts stopped al­together in that area.

“We respect people’s privacy and their right to carry on activities,” Pleasants said. “We only go back and look at tapes if criminal activi­ties are suspected or if the police subpoena a recording.”

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