267 students to be inducted into national leadership society

By Kasie Von Haden

Lumen Editor

A Viterbo chapter of the Na­tional Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) has recently been implemented through the Office of Campus Activities. The NSLS is a nationally recognized society that has chapters at 278 colleges and has 152,470 members nationwide, ac­cording to their website.

Out of the 1,000 Viterbo students eligible, 267 students have regis­tered for the society, which focuses on leadership training and develop­ment.

To be eligible for the society, stu­dents have to have a 3.0 GPA and must be nominated, Reyburn said.

“I’m amazed at the number of stu­dents that registered for this,” said Kari Reyburn, coordinator of Cam­pus Activities. “We are obviously fulfilling a need that Viterbo had for leadership development and train­ing, and I’m excited to help students gain those skills.”

Of the 267 students, many are un­dergraduate students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, but there are also adult learners, too.

Heidi Lomprey, a La Crosse na­tive who is currently in the associ­ates of arts program, and who con­siders herself to be a sophomore, is an adult learner registered for the NSLS.

“With three kids at home it is hard to get involved in a lot of things, but this organization looks like it can help me develop myself as a leader at Viterbo and in my future work­place, as well as connect me to a na­tional network of leaders,” Lomprey said. “There is always the benefit of a great resume booster as well.”

Josh Kohnhorst, a senior business management major from Tomah, Wis., and currently the president of the Student Government Associa­tion, is also registered for NSLS.

“I joined the NSLS because it is a prestigious organization and it will give me the resources necessary for personal development,” Kohnhorst said. “I’m hoping to gain leadership qualities that I will be able to use to better the lives of others.”

The NSLS is looking to do just that.

“We want to offer this leadership training for students to become bet­ter leaders in their school, commu­nity, and career,” Marriott said. “I think it will teach different leader­ship roles needed in

Once students have registered and paid their one-time society dues, of $85, they must also complete several other programs before being offi­cially inducted.

“Students need to participate in orientation, attend three speaker presentations, attend the leadership training day, and be active in a suc­cess network team,” Reyburn said.

The speaker presentations are live videoconferences that students in the NSLS will watch as a large group.

Speakers in the past have includ­ed Nigel Barker of “America’s Next Top Model” and Patch Adams of the Gesundheit! Institute.

This year’s speakers include Alton Brown of Food Network’s “Good Eats,” Kevin Carroll, the founder of “The Katalyst Consultancy,” and Mel Robbins, “America’s Life Coach.”

These speakers, among others, will focus on several aspects of suc­cess, including how people can get what they really want, how to per­form true potential, and the power of financial education.

Another program that students will participate in is the success net­work team, or SNT, which will meet three times throughout the course of the entire program. The SNT will consist of a small group of students that will meet and work on goal set­ting and achievement.

“This program provides the tools [the students] need to attain their goals, using the S.M.A.R.T. proce­dure, which is the criteria they’ll use for goal setting,” said Dodie Marri­ott, administrative assistant for the Office of Campus Activities.

Smart, Measureable, Achievable, Rewarding, and Timely are the cri­teria Marriott is referring to. The SMART criteria is a model con­structed by the NSLS.

“In addition, when students are in their SNT, they have a four step process to their meetings,” Marriott said. “They’ll do a progress report, state goals and desired outcomes, give ideas and suggestions for each other, and then take action steps.”

“It’s their choice to accomplish what they want in these groups,” Reyburn said. “It can be personal, academic, or about other goals.”

Because this is the first year for the NSLS at Viterbo, Reyburn and Marriott are hoping that this year’s members will remain active mem­bers of the NSLS, utilize the skills they learn throughout the program, and take advantage of the benefits the NSLS has to offer, including scholarships and partner discounts.

“I hope the NSLS will give students confidence and skills to be more ac­tive leaders that they can apply in their majors and internships,” Rey­burn said. “It will also get students involved, more engaged, more ac­tive, and more connected across the board in the Viterbo community.”

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