Gay-Straight Alliance among 3 new organizations



By Janelle Mathews

Campus Life Editor

This year at Viterbo, three new of­ficial organizations have come into existence, including Sport Science and Management Club (SSMC), Different Yet the Same, and Gay- Straight Alliance (GSA).

The Gay-Straight Alliance is head­ed by Annie Deutsch, a senior music major from New Hamptom, Iowa, president, and Mike Bergemann, a senior education major from Lena, Ill., vice-president.

Both were driving forces behind getting the club started at Viterbo, and they are the co-founders.

Other club officers include Anna Parks, a sophomore vocal perfor­mance major from River Falls, Wis., secretary, and Jeremiah Gile, a soph­omore music education major from Madison, Wis., treasurer.

The GSA “aims to create a wel­coming, accepting, and safe place on Viterbo’s campus for people of all sexual orientations, and the GSA also works to promote human equal­ity and respect for human dignity.”

The GSA was started because, “Viterbo did not have a club like this, and there was one particular incident that spurred me on to really get it going,” said Deutsch. “Also, there should be a place for everyone to be treated like a human being be­cause we are all created equally.”

Bergemann said that within this year, he wants “to get people excited about the group and discuss the is­sues in tolerance with anyone who is willing to listen.

“I want to get our message across to many people while maintaining a great reputation,” he continued.

In the future, Bergemann wants to get tee-shirts “to spread the word about the club.”

Another way that the word is be­ing spread is by the Facebook page that people can “like.” It is titled Viterbo Gay-Straight Alliance.

For the future, Bergemann said that they “want to have enough money to bring in a speaker to talk to members about human dignity and gay rights and have the club be around as long as Viterbo is around.”

“We want to cater to what stu­dents want to get out of it,” Deutsch added.

Their first meeting was held Mon­day, Sept. 12. For more information about GSA, contact any of the of­ficers mentioned, or take a look at their Facebook page.

Another new student organiza­tion is the Sport Science and Man­agement Club, run by Dennis Ben­thin, a senior business management major from Hamburg, Germany.

The SSMC “provides Viterbo University students with diverse opportunities within and across the sports spectrum primarily through management and science experi­ences on- and off-campus. Club members will be involved and fa­cilitate a wide range of activities, such as sporting activities, trips to sports venues, seminars and guest speakers, and community events,” according to the student organiza­tion website, linked on the Viterbo homepage.

Yet another new organization is Different Yet the Same. Leaders in­clude Amado Amezquita-Santos, a sophomore psychology major from Providence, R.I., and Linette Dunn, a junior marketing and accounting major from Milwaukee, Wis.

Different Yet the Same’s purpose is “to celebrate all forms of diversi­ty. We believe that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in, you are still entitled to live a great life without being discriminated against, stereotyped, or judged. The goal of this organization is to move people to understand and accept ev­eryone for who they are.”

More information about this orga­nization can be found on their bulle­tin board at the main entrance to the student union.

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