Gallery in full swing

By Jessica Schurmann

A&E Editor

Viterbo’s art gallery got off to a great start Wednesday, Sept 7 when it opened the Fortieth Year Exhibit. Earlier this week students and fac­ulty could be seen hard at work painting the gallery and preparing it for the various pieces of artwork specially chosen for the show.

A curator chose a selection of art from 1971, when the gallery first opened, until 2011. Kristen Matus, a senior studio art major from Belize who is studying at Viterbo, was one of the students who helped set up the show.

“We spent many hours hanging artwork, printing labels, and adjust­ing the lighting,” Matus said.

Studio art majors Dani Stark of Prairie du Chien, Wis., and Phillip Hanner of Juda, Wis., and Art Pro­fessor Joseph Miller were also part of the driving force to get the show ready.

Regarding the final outcome, Ma­tus told Lumen, “At first, I thought there would be too much to hang on the walls, but it ended up look­ing really good, and not crowded at all.”

Many students, faculty, and mem­bers of the community flocked to the gallery for the opening, includ­ing Sister Carlene Unser, FSPA. Sis­ter Carlene was on the committee that designed the new Fine Arts Center in the late 1960s, and much of her artwork is on display in the show. The gallery features a wide variety of media including paint­ings, prints, photographs, design projects, weavings, and sculpture.

Artists and art lovers alike con­tinued the tradition of gathering and discussing their passions, vi­sions and ideas at the opening. With excellent artwork, a pristine gallery, and a strong community of artists, it looks like this show is paving the way to an exciting year.

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